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Company profile

The founder of Perfect Fortune, Mr. Kuanren Lin, has started working in the electric wire and cable industry since 1974, and opened his first company, that is, Changcheng Electric Wire & Cable (Taiwan) Co., Ltd., in 1983, which manufactures high-end electric wires and cables such as home theater connectors.

Perfect Fortune was established in 1992 in Dalang Industrial Zone, Longhua Town, Bao’an district (currently Dalang street, Longhua New District), Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. The Company purchased 10,000 square meters of land, and its buildings occupy 8,000 square meters. It now hires approximately 600 employees and mainly consists of Marketing & Sales Department, Factory Supervising Department, Engineering Department, Quality Control Department, Logistics Department and Financial Department.

At present the main products of the Company include earphone cables, cables/wire harnesses for various types of non-standard engineering equipment (like industrial robots and medical devices), coaxial cables, optical fiber cables, microphone cables, automobile audio cables, telephone cables, computer peripheral device cables like DVI cables, and various types of plugs.

The Company has made huge investments in technical equipment. It bought the most advanced manufacturing equipment from Japan and Taiwan and sent technical personnel to learn the latest manufacturing technology in order to constantly improve the competitive advantages of its products.

Based on the core values of “advanced technology, good customer services, high product quality and pursuit of perfection”, the Company is advancing towards the objectives of professionalized management and scalable development.

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